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Point of Sales Inventory (POS) Software Development Company In Bangladesh
  • Sales Goods
      1. Manually
      2. Barcode (Barcode Reader Sales Management and Tracking)
  • Print Sales Invoice
  • Under Stock
  • Branch Requisition
  • Change Product
  • Return to Central
  • Branch return View
  • Sales Statement
  • Expense Head
  • Expense Entry
  • Branch Stock
      1. Branch Sales Details
      2. Shop Sales Report
      3. Shop Return View
      4. Rating of Goods (Most Saleable Product)
  • Branch Invoice
  • Sales Discount
  • Sale through Cash/Card
  • Sales Summary Report
  • Date Wise Sales Details Report
  • Sales Product Return/Change Report
  • Company Information/Supplier /Vendor Information/
  • Product Category
  • Product Unit
  • Product Entry
  • Product Reorder (Threshold Value)
  • Product/Goods list
  • Stock Goods Shop
  • Stock Goods Central
Inventory (Stock Status)
  • Branch Stock Summary
  • Product Stock Summary
  • Reject Goods
  • Style Search
  • Return Goods
  • Receive Goods
  • Stock Report
  • Stock Ledger
  • Label Indicator (Defined for each and every product when the product under the minimum label of stock)
  • Category Wise Stock Summary
  • Supplier Wise Stock Summary


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