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Garments ERP

Accounts & Finance:

Chart of Account

Financial/fiscal year setup

Define Opening Balance

Accounts Control (User can dig drawn from Trial Balance to Ledger and voucher so that user can find out the wrong entry and rectify it)


Voucher Type definition :

Receive Voucher

Payment Voucher

journal Voucher

Voucher (Double entry system)

Entry, Edit, Cancel



Voucher Dashboard

Bank reconciliation

Month locking

Year Closing

Asset Acquisition

Asset Depreciation

Invoice Approval and make payment

Dashboard for Accounts

Voucher Approval

Integration with





List of ledger Head with/without balance (Chart of Accounts)

Voucher list and detail report

Ledger/sub ledger reports

Trial Balance report

Profit & Loss report

Balance Sheet Report

Schedule/ Notes Report

Cost of goods sold report

Cash flow report

Bank reconciliation report

Asset Register report

Asset Depreciation Report

Daily Received Report

Daily Payment Report

Statement of Cash Flow Report

Budget Comparison Report

Supply Chain Management:

Suppliers management

Item categorization

Item setup and its customized properties

Barcode of item

Item Opening Balance

Store requisition for items

Issue of Items

Return to store of issued items

Declare Damage of item in warehouse

Purchase Requisition

Purchase decision

Direct or indirect purchase

Local or foreign purchase


RFQ (Request for quotation) generation and send it to suppliers

Quotation collection, short listing of quotation and comparative notes

Purchase Order generation

Gate intonation of received item (on delivery)

Quality control/checking of item (on delivery)

Material Receive which is known as MRR(material received report) or GRN (Goods

Receive Note)

Auto and manual invoice generation

LC type definition

LC Process

• Sales Contract

• Proforma Invoice

• Cover Note

• Letter of Credit (LC)

• Amendment

• LC Document

• Inspection

• Miscellaneous Charge

• Transport Charge

• Requisition

• Commercial Invoice


Stock Receive Summary report

Stock Register report

Stock Statement report

Stock Statement Summary report

List of Items

List of Supplier

Store Requisition report

Issue report

Purchase Requisition report

Purchase Order

Quotation Report

Quality Control report

Material Receive report

Invoice report

Sales contract report

Proforma invoice report

Commercial invoice report

LC documents

Sales & Marketing:

nventory Management

Sales planning and details

Sales target and details

Sales and distribution point settings

Store setup

Product categorization and entry

Store Opening Balance (product)

Type of sales

Product pricing

– Cost

– Maximum Price

Sales Order (Corporate Sales + Retail Sales +

Distributor Sales)

Sales Order delivery

Delivery Challan

Product demand requisition

Product received

Product return

Product damage

Party management (customers)

Party Credit limit setting and notification

Credit Sales

Credit Sale approval

Collection of sales

Adjustment of sales

Replacement of sales

Return of sales

Commission calculation of sales

Invoice generation

Auto voucher (linked with Accounts & finance)


Party List (customers –linked with CRM)

Product price report

Sales Order Statement

Challan Statement

Undelivered sales order list

Store Stock Position

Daily sales report

Product received from inventory

Sales plan report

Credit report (date from – date to)

Party list with credit limit and credit

Achievement sheet of the sales person

Debit and credit ledger of parties

Invoice report

Sales return report

Party commission report

Fixed Asset:


Asset entry, edit and delete


Depreciation rate setting

Depreciation method

Depreciation Process

Transaction entry

Integrate with journal voucher


Assets Register

Depreciation report

A. The Main Modules:1. Procurement (Purchase)
2. Raw Material Inventory
3. Finished Goods Inventory
4. Spare parts Inventory
5. Marketing (Sales)
6. Export L.C. Management
7. Production Process Management
8. Financial Management
9. Human Resource Management (HRM).B. The Features of Modules:

1. Procurement (Purchase):

1.01 All purchase order for a specific period.
1.02 Pending purchase order.
1.03 Cancelled purchase order.
1.04 Purchase order requisition auto generation.
1.05 Item wise / suppliers wise latest purchase price.
1.06 Item wise Maximum, Minimum and re-order quantity.
1.07 Purchase order shipment status (with ETD, ETA).
1.08 Import L.C. wise / Invoice wise Import quantity, rate and value.
1.09 Suppliers wise / Item wise Import quantity, rate and value.

2. Raw Material Inventory (Reports):

2.01 Date wise Material Received.
2.02 L.C. Wise Material Received.
2.03 Invoice Wise Material Received.
2.04 MRR Wise Material Received.
2.05 Suppliers Wise Material Received.
2.06 Item wise Material Received.
2.07 Date Wise Material Issue.
2.08 L.C. Wise Material Issue.
2.09 Invoice Wise Material Issue.
2.10 SR Wise Material Issue.
2.11 Suppliers Wise Material Issue.
2.12 Department Wise Material Issue.
2.13 Item wise Material Received and Issue (Detail Store Ledger)
2.14 Monthly comparative material consumption (Quantity, Rate, Value)
2.15 Set / Batch / Job Wise Material Consumption (Quantity, Rate, Value)
2.16 Set / Batch / Job Wise Standard and Actual Consumption and Variance.
2.17 Item / Group Wise Summary Report.
2.18 Lot Wise Inventory Received and Issue (Details and Summary Report)
2.19 Physical Inventory Worksheet.

3. Finished Goods Inventory:

3.01 Date Wise Fabric Production (With Roll Number, Yds).
3.02 Style Wise Fabric Production.
3.03 Set Wise Fabric Production.
3.04 Packing List Preparation.
3.05 Fabric Stock in hand (Roll Serial No.)
3.06 Fabric Stock in hand (Style no, Roll No, Yds etc.).
3.07 Fabric Stock (Opening – Production – Shipment – Balance).
3.08 Date Wise Shipment.
3.09 Customer, L.C, Invoice Wise Shipment.
3.10 Packing List from Shipment History.

4. Spare parts Inventory :

4.01 Date wise Spare parts Received.
4.02. L.C. wise Spare parts Received.
4.03. Invoice wise Spare parts Received.
4.04. MRR wise Material Received.
4.05. Suppliers wise Spare parts Received.
4.06. Item wise Spare parts Received.
4.07. Date wise Spare parts Issue.
4.08. L.C. wise Spare parts Issue.
4.09. Invoice wise Spare parts Issue.
4.10. SR Wise Spare parts Issue.
4.11. Suppliers wise Spare parts Issue.
4.12. Department wise Spare parts Issue.
4.13. Item wise Spare parts Received and Issue (Detail Store Ledger)
4.14. Monthly comparative Spare parts consumption (Quantity, Rate, Value)
4.15. Item / Group Wise Summary Report.
4.16. Physical Inventory Worksheet.

5. Marketing (Sales) :

5.01 Customer List.
5.02 Sales Price.
5.03 Item Wise Costing.
5.04 Order Booking Report.
5.05 Order Booking Balance.
5.06 Cancelled Order Booking.
5.07 Style (Item) Wise Sales Price – Cost – Profit – Profit Percent.
5.08 Customer Wise Item Sales, Cost, Profit.

6. Export L.C. Management :

6.01 Customer List.
6.02 All Proforma Invoice.
6.03 Cancelled Proforma Invoice.
6.04 Pending Proforma Invoice.
6.05 Monthly Proforma Invoice Summary.
6.06 Monthly Export L.C. Received Detail and Summary.
6.07 Date Wise Shipment.
6.08 Style (Item) Wise Shipment.
6.09 Customer Wise Shipment.
6.10 Individual Proforma Invoice Wise Shipment.
6.11 Individual Commercial Invoice Wise Shipment.
6.12 Individual Export L.C. Wise Shipment.
6.13 Style (Item) Wise Sales Price – Cost – Profit.
6.14 Cash Sales Statement.
6.15 Commercial Document Submitted to Bank.
6.16 Commercial Document without Due Date.
6.17 Overdue Commercial Document.
6.18 Custom In-bond Statement.
6.19 Date Wise Bond Consumption.
6.20 Bond Ledger.
6.21 Bond Summary (Bond number wise Import – consumption – balance).
6.22 Fabric weight against bond.
6.23 Style (Item) Wise Stock, LC balance, To be Produce.
6.24 Auto Generated Commercial Document :
6.24.1 Proforma Invoice.
6.24.2 Commercial Invoice.
6.24.3 Delivery Challan.
6.24.4 Packing List.
6.24.5 Undertaking.
6.24.6 Bill of exchange.
6.24.7 Beneficiaries Certificate.
6.24.8 Country of Origin.
6.24.9 Certificate of Origin.
6.24.10 Production Certificate.
6.24.11 Inspection Certificate.
6.24.12 Bank Forwarding Letter.
6.24.13 Bond Consumption.
6.24.14 Delivery Challan.
6.24.15 Partial Document.



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