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Distributor Sales Inventory

Distribution Software

Virtual Buying House Management Software, for each Buyer who Maintain multiple office with his country or around the world, this software provide you a virtual office, where within a click you will get your all information at a time.

erp software for buying houses

Basic Features:

  • Costing ( RFQ)
  • PO Received
    Factory cost
  • Bulk Tech Pack Received
  • PO Overview
  • Tech Pack review and Analysis
  • Trim Overview
  • Working Process report
  • Approval Process Report
  • Shipping Documentation
  • Order closing report

Features and Modules: Order Management, Sourcing & Supply, Commercial Mgt., Production, QC Management, Accounting, HCM, Courier Management, MIS & DSS, Dashboard.

Bill of Materials Application

Distribution companies like you know how important it is to effectively define, build and sell kitted inventory items. TRAVERSE Bill of Materials/Kitting gives your business the ability to mix and match related assemblies into a single kit. Effectively determine whether you have enough stock to assemble an order, or use the “available to build” function to determine how many of any given item you can build for your customers.

BOM features:

  • Enter builds before, during, or after the fact
  • Maintain accurate inventory quantities for your assemblies or raw materials
  • Compare anticipated costs with actual costs associated with similar assemblies
  • Relieve materials and receive finished goods in one process.

Sales Order Application

We know that there is more to order entry than meets the eye. Your business needs a proficient system for picking, tracking and billing. With TRAVERSE Sales Order you get a host of features to improve your flexibility and efficiency. Sales Order Software will help keep your customers happy by handling their orders promptly and accurately. Print an online invoice or packing slip with just one click.

Sales Order features:

  • Enter transactions at any point in the life-cycle: Quote, New Order or Invoice
  • Unlimited number of line items on a transaction
  • Quickly convert quotes to order’s and order to invoices without duplicate entry
  • One-click acess to product availability lookup

Purchase Order Application

TRAVERSE Purchase Order makes it easy to keep a watchful eye on the goods and services your company receives. With Purchase Order Software you will gain the power to take charge of your purchase order processing from the moment you decide to buy through the time the order is fully received and invoiced. You’ll be able to detect shortages and incorrect invoices so that you only pay for the items you’ve received. Rest easy knowing that you can specify, confirm, and track every detail of an order you place with a vendor and indicated how you would like your goods shipped.

Purchase Order features:

  • Supports lot number and serial tracking
  • Scheduled delivery reporting
  • Flexible order inquiry finds new, in-process or completed orders from on functions
  • Requested ship dates by line item

Warehouse Management Application

Bring inventory management to your warehouse floor with Warehouse Management Software and get precise inventory handling and dramatically improve your efficiency in picking, packing and shipping orders by maximizing the productivity of your warehouse personnel. Warehouse Management Software can be loaded onto data collection devices that use the Pocket PC or Windows Mobile operating system, providing real-time, wireless updates from the dock, warehouse, or production floor to your TRAVERSE database. Receive, issuing product to and from the production floor, oder fulfillment, physical inventory made easy with with TRAVERSE Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management features:

  • Enter adjustments to inventory item quantities due to loss, breakage, or accidental overshipments
  • Print a report of item quantities to help you determine how best to satisfy item demand
  • Identify sources of demand, track down overages or loss, and view related movement activity
  • View inventory item quantities for locations, bins and containers

Requirements Planning Application

Forecasting can be challenge at times, but with Distribution Requirements Planning your future forecasting will be headache-free. Use Requirements Planning Software to determine the items you need and when you need to purchase them in order to fulfill the sales goals set forth in your forecasts. Forecasts can be automatically created for individual items based on current history using multiple methodologies.

Requirements Planning features:

  • Flexible reporting formats: bucketless and standard reporting based on daily, weekly, or monthly summaries
  • DRP Inquiry with grid, graphical, and detail drilldown
  • Automatic purchase requisition generation
  • Optional interface with BOM/Kitting


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