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Accounting Software Development Company

What is Accounting Software

An accounting software system is a system of collection, storing and process monetary and data that area unit employed by call manufacturers. associate degree accounting system is usually a computer-based methodology for trailing accounting activity in conjunction with info technology resources. The ensuing monetary reports will be used internally by management or outwardly by different interested parties as well as investors, creditors and tax authorities. Accounting info systems area unit designed to support all accounting functions and activities as well as auditing, monetary accounting & reportage, managerial/ management accounting and tax. the foremost wide adopted accounting info systems area unit auditing and monetary reportage modules.

How to Work an Accounting Software

Good accounting software puts you in control of your business. You can automate
regular tasks, including keeping records and completing statutory returns. And because accounting software holds a whole mass of financial data, you can generate reports that help you under : Routine savings, Completing statutory returns,
Management information, Preparing forecasts, Monitoring performance, Getting started, VAT without tears

Expert Soft IT Accounting Software

Demo Panel for Contact

Phone: 02- 9003922
Mobile : 01911 862 115
01611 862 115

Expert Soft IT Accounting Software

Accounting Management System Software Features

  • Accounts Head
  • Chart of Account
  • Voucher (Bank Voucher, Receipt Voucher, Journal, Payment Voucher)
  • Journal Entry
  • Journal Update
  • Last Journal
  • Date wise journal


  • Trail Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Cash Flow
  • Liabilities
  • Expense (Branch wise & Central/Head Office)
  • Sale Summary
  • Sale Memo
  • Sale Details
  • Account Deposit
  • Account Withdraw
  • Sale through Card
  • Receive Card Amount
  • Owner Activity Statement

Our Advanced Features :

Account Manage :
User Manage ( User List, Add New Usr )
Bank Manage ( Bank Manage List, Add New Bank )

Income Manage :
Income Category ( Income Category Manage,Income Manage List,Income Category Add )
Income Manage ( Income Manage List, Income Manage Add, Payment, Print, Edit, Delete)

Expense Manage :
Expense Catagory ( Expense Manage List, Expense Category Add, View, Edit, Delete )
Expense Manage ( Expense Manage List, Expense Manage Add, Print, Edit, Delete )
Employee Salary ( Employee Salary Manage, Employee Salary List, Employee Salary Add, View, Edit, Delete )

Lending Manage :
Lending Manage Add ( Borrow Manage List, Borrow Manage Add, Payment, Print, Edit, Delete )

Borrow Manage :

Borrow Manage (Lending Manage List, Lending Manage Add,  Payment, Print, Edit, Delete)

Report Statement :
Statement ( Statement Manage, View Report = Income, Expence, Salary )
Statement by Income ( Statement Manage, View Report = Income Report )
Statement by Expence( Statement Manage, View Report = Expence, Salary )

Settings ( Profile, Settinges, Password Log Out )


Package Price
Accounting Software ( add above all feature ) 40,000/=
Accounting Software ( any customize ) Agreement

  Support & Maintenance:

  • Free Support & Maintenance: 3 month
  • Support & Maintenance Charge after 3 month: 5,000 taka per month any support


  • 1st training: Free
  • 2nd training & others: 2000 taka (In Expert Soft IT ), 5000 taka (In clients office)


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