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CC Camera Service in Bangladesh

CCTV Installation – Surveillance System and Security Camera Installers

CCTV Camera Pros works to partner with qualified CCTV installers to offer third party surveillance system & security camera installation services in the following areas. Please note that our list of CCTV installers changes because businesses rise and fade; we do our best to keep our list up to date.  PLEASE ALSO NOTE: the companies that we offer installation referrals to are not employees of CCTV Camera Pros and should be checked out by you. While we do our best to keep our list clean with only honest and reliable companies, which is always a challenge. We recommend that if you decide to use a company that we have referred, please take the time to check them out just as you checked us out.

Best Level For IP Base CCTV Solution (Video Surveillance System) and The Best CCTV Camera Solutions in Bangladesh, Bangladesh camera shop .


We recommend checking your local Better Business Bureau to make sure any installation company has a good reputation.

You can read about some of the installations done using our equipment on our surveillance systems installation articles page. The states listed above have installers in our database.


Expert Soft IT offer perscrutations systems to ensemble any budget & we tailor every solution to our customer’s exact requirements for security Automation system.

Our Solution technology includes Computer DVR Base CCTV Security, Embedded System DVR (Digital Video Recorder), Modern TCP/IP NVR (Network Video Recorder) Base scrutiny Solution in Bangladesh. Why should an endeavor have CCTV in Bangladesh (Surveillance System) Video scrutiny system or CCTV in Bangladesh has proven to be a sound investment in spite of a exclusive solution. Statistics reveal a major reduction in the amount of crime being committed in areas covered by video surveillance. CCTV has been proven to be the most cost effective method for crime avoidance and detection. Possible benefits also include reduced labor costs, prevention of criminal or anti-social activity and evidence gathering. The guarantee that the system provides for staff and customers should not be overlooked. The Security system designed and installed by Micro tech (BD) System will give you peace of mind in these unstable times.
24/7 surveillance systems with complete range of CCTV system including CCTV camera- CCTV Analog( box camera, Box cameras, Dome security camera, IR security camera, PTZ camera, Special camera, Spy cameras) and IP camera ( Network cameras, wireless security cameras), CCTV DVRs( Standalone DVR, Card DVR) and CCTV NVRs & other CCTV accessories.



CCTV Camera Solution:

IR CAM (Night Vision Camera
Box Type Camera
Dom Camera
IR Dom Camera
IP CAM (TCP/IP Network Base)


DVR CARD (PC Base With Microtech Customize Software, Enhance Security Server)
STANDALONE DVR (DVR With Online Monitoring Software)
Network Vedio Recorder (NVR)
CAR Parking System Monitoring With Controlling System
SOFTWARE CCTV Remote Control
CCTV Online REMOTE Management.

Access Control Solutions


Monitor and Control Your Work Facility Keep your building secure and your employees safe with an access control system. Continually monitor your employees’ activity and limit access to certain areas of your building with this solution.

Why Use Access Control System?


Door entry systems include a variety of tools to restrict access to areas of a building and secure your facility. These systems can be as simple or as complex as you desire, and can be installed in all sizes and types of buildings. Many of the popular access control tools include keypads or card readers for specific doors in your building. Additional options include video surveillance, biometric scanner options and 24/7 monitoring systems. Most of these access systems are simple to install; professionals install the more advanced tools. You can find out more about these systems in our learning center.
Access Control Systems:

Why Use an Access Control System?


The safety & security of your employees and your work environment is critical and should not be taken lightly. An access control system allows you to control who can enter your facility or certain areas of your building. These door security systems, such as Honeywell, IDenticard Systems and Matrix Systems, allow administrators to track their employees’ activities and help monitor the overall safety of their establishment.

CCTV (closed-circuit television) is a TV system in which signals are not publicly distributed but are monitored, primarily for surveillance and security purposes.
CCTV relies on strategic placement of cameras and private observation of the camera’s input on monitors. The system is called “closed-circuit” because the cameras, monitors and/or video recorders communicate across a proprietary coaxial cable run or wireless communication link. Access to data transmissions is limited by design.

CCTV is commonly used for a variety of purposes, including:
→ Maintaining perimeter security.
→ Monitoring traffic.
→ Obtaining a visual record of human activity.



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